Legal Marketing Minute: Dangers of Unsocial Media

You have for years heard the calls for law firms to embrace the idea of social media. And if you’re like most attorneys I work with, you’d rather bang your head against the wall.

I have news for you: If you’re not ready to figure out how social media can improve your bottom line, you’ll probably be banging your head against the wall anyway. Consider this:

  • Seventy-two percent of baby boomers use at least one social platform, the most common, by a two-to-one advantage, being Facebook.
  • Nearly 45 percent of respondents indicated they use social media to evaluate professional services.
  • And roughly 40 percent of the respondents to that same survey said they would be more likely to use a lawyer with a social media presence.

Whether you like the medium, or think people are actually using it to inform business decisions (the same decisions that help or hinder you to sign more cases) is irrelevant.

In a survey of over 101 law firms, more than half grew their number of clients due to increased social media engagement and this trend will predictably grow in 2017. [Source: Stellar SEO]

I make decisions based on numbers. And the numbers don’t lie. When done properly, social media changes from expense to investment. If you’re interested in learning more, I’d be happy to set up a free consultation with you.


Author: Joshua Corbelli
Josh is an SEO strategist at FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters company, where he manages a portfolio of 40+ clients with an average annual spend between $75k and $150k. Prior to FindLaw, he helped found and run LGH Marketing/Strategy, and before that he started and ran a search engine optimization firm, and before that spent a few years as a freelance journalist. Now, he enjoys reading, consulting, and the occasional glass of Scotch.

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